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Mod rewrite URL with 2 question marks?

A colleague asked me for some help with a few RewriteRules in his .htaccess today. One of the links he was trying to rewrite was unusual in the fact that is had 2 question marks “?” in it. Let’s say the url looked like: www.site.com/2009/1/is-this-a-legit-url?-i-don’t-know? and you wanted to rewrite that to: www.site.com/2009/1/is-this-a-legit-url-i-dont-know/ You might […]


Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Website

I’ve been watching/listening to October 07’s FOWA presentations and the latest one I’ve heard – by Yahoo’s Steve Souders – struck me as worth a quick look. Who wouldn’t want to speed up their websites? Steve describes 14 rules that make up a ‘best practices for speeding up your website’: http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html And there’s also a […]