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Album artwork doesn’t show on iPod Touch Cover Flow

If you find that your iPhone/iPod Touch isn’t displaying the album artwork in coverflow, but your computer that you sync it to shows it fine in iTunes, you’re probably wondering what’s going on! This happened to me a few days ago, so I did some searching – most people seem to think it’s only just […]


Mod rewrite URL with 2 question marks?

A colleague asked me for some help with a few RewriteRules in his .htaccess today. One of the links he was trying to rewrite was unusual in the fact that is had 2 question marks “?” in it. Let’s say the url looked like: www.site.com/2009/1/is-this-a-legit-url?-i-don’t-know? and you wanted to rewrite that to: www.site.com/2009/1/is-this-a-legit-url-i-dont-know/ You might […]