Album artwork doesn’t show on iPod Touch Cover Flow

If you find that your iPhone/iPod Touch isn’t displaying the album artwork in coverflow, but your computer that you sync it to shows it fine in iTunes, you’re probably wondering what’s going on!

This happened to me a few days ago, so I did some searching – most people seem to think it’s only just started happening in the latest versions of iTunes and on iPhones/iPod Touches with the 2.2 firmware on – I didn’t notice it happening before I upgraded my firmware, but then I only noticed it happening now by chance, so I can’t really say if what these people are saying is true.

Anyway, it’s a solution you came here for, so here goes.

I tried resetting my iPod, incase it was just something dodgy going on on the file system, or another process interfering. No Joy. 🙁

I’ve tried clearing all my album artwork in iTunes and then finding the images again using a combination of the “Get Album Artwork” feature in the iTunes store and some searches, then syncing the device again. Again, no joy.

Finally, I decided to just delete the offending albums from my iPod and upload them to it again. To do that without losing the albums from your iTunes library, just plug your iPhone/iPod in, start iTunes, click on the device name in the list on the left and tick the box that says “Manually manage music and videos”. That will allow you to browse the library on your device, select the albums in question and delete them. When you’ve done that, untick the box you just ticked, hit OK in whatever dialogue box iTunes pops up and let it sync your device again.

This should copy the songs/albums from your computer’s library back to the device, and hopefully send the album artwork along with them!

Well, that’s what worked for me – if anyone has any better method of restoring artwork on an iPhone/iPod Touch, please leave a comment and let me know what you did!

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    I have the same problem, which sucks cause I spent so long organizing the art. I’m about to try what you said worked, since the number of albums I have that don’t show up is very low.


    I had that same problem and this is garunteed to work.
    1) Copy music file to somewhere else
    2) Open file in any other music player, such as RealPlayer. In Realplayer for example, click edit clip info and add the clip art you want. Get it from the internet.
    3) Then just add it back
    * Make sure you delete it from you iphone/ipod by syncing before adding the song back in itunes


    No no no – mine is like nothing like this. It cuts off some artwork, so I have half of it. It dissapears when it’s the artwork to the side of the one in view, but when it’s in view it reappears. Really random. Another will not show it in cover flow but if you turn it to now playing it’s fine. So annoying!!!


    yeah, ipod touch is a piece of crap. i’ve tried all this stuff and it’s still a piece of crap. how about, apple, make a product that works the way it’s advertised. i also have problems with my apps, it doesnt wanna let me back them up. i have MGS touch which i downloaded from itunes through my wireless on the touch, and i cannot transfer it to my computer for the life of me. furthermore, there’s no way to redownload stuff you’ve purchased, and because i purchased this on my touch itself, i have no backup… transfer purchases doesnt work. conclusion: ipod touch sucks


    I found the solution Yesterday!!!!

    I had the same issue of Album cover flow not showing up for some of my albums i has synced to Ipod Touch.

    The good news here is there is nothing wrong with your iPod Touch, its just a small software issue (non lethal) from apple i guess. They will fix it later i guess.

    The thing is, albums/art in coverflow in iPod Touch is only displayed for the group of songs which had the Field Artist entered, not just Album Field. I think the iPod Touch Software is looking for Artiest Field instead of Album Field.

    The Solution:
    1) select the songs in the album or the Album, RightClick->GetInfo (or something like that).
    2) In the Artist Field enter the Album Name or anything you want it to be.
    3) Save it
    4) Sync the songs to iPod again.
    5) Enjoy!!!! great Coverflow in iPod Touch.

    P.S.: Let me know if this helped you!!!


    Another possible solution may be in the artist title itself.
    For instance, if you have two albums titled “Best of…” They may be under the same cd in coverflow. eg. Best of the Eagles and Best of Doobies may be in the same cover.
    If this is the case, just change the name of the cd to something more specific, like The Best of… or A Best of…
    Hope this helps!


    Mine did the exact same thing, i took it in and they fixed in like 2 hours.


    just make sure you have right clicked on your album cover and select always show album art. Now if your album artwork doesn’t show up when you i pod’s on lock screen just turn it off it should reset and go on. It works i just tried it


    If the art appears in itunes library but not on the touch, then in itunes library, right click on the artwork and “copy”. Then go to the touch’s music folder in itunes, find the album, select ALL of the songs, then in the empty artwork square, right click and “paste”. The artwork should now be on the touch. Make sure to highlight all of the songs in the album, otherwise only songs highlighted (likely the first one) will get the artwork.



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